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Tuesday 5.10.05: Alienation

My journal was much more popular before the election when I was writing my "Greed and Arrogance" rants. People love snarling outrage. But I've been in a "what's the point?" mood about it since November.

There is plenty of snarling outrage now produced by full-time snarlers. I listen to "Air America," the progressive radio network, where Al Franken, Jerry Springer, and others blast the Bush administration 24/7. It's only available on 56 stations (I'm pleased that stodgy old Rochester bought in), but you can also hear it live over the internet.

I listen to Jon Stewart on the "Daily Show" and Bill Maher on HBO -- when I can get myself to stay up past 11.

And I see Arianna Huffington has begun a star-studded blog called the Huffington Report. I always think of Arianna as the Zsa Zsa Gabor of the liberal set, but she is clearheaded and doesn't mind throwing a glass of water in the faces of ineffective Democrats when needed.

And of course, The New Yorker is always there to present the latest doom and gloom in great academic detail.

But I'm not the news hound I was in 2004. No matter how much evidence and disgust is expressed, our one-sided government does what it wants anyway. It dismisses science, it tolerates corruption, it sells snake oil to the masses, it advocates theocracy and then it accuses the minority party of not being helpful.

So either the pendulum will swing or it won't. America will reassert the checks and balances and politicians will realize they're supposed to be serving the country, not corporate-financed re-election campaigns. Or the Great American Experiment will be over and we will sink into a new Dark Age while the seas wash over the coastal cities. And the theocrats will walk the land, crying out that the great floods were not induced by greed-driven global warming, but by homosexuality, abortion and stem cell research.


What's the point of getting all red-faced here? Writing about family history at least informs me that if my ancestors lived through terrible times, so can I.







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