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Wednesday 5.4.05: Lucy Magic

I was going to say that I've had my nose to the creative grindstone, but it's more like my butt to the creative hotseat. The working title of our zoo production is "The Mission and the Magic." My head is into the magic, but my back and hips are aching from carrying out their mission of keeping me glued to the edge of my chair.

Our clients have not been very available to give me ongoing guidance. On the one hand, that's liberating -- I can pull ideas from my own soul. On the other hand, it has the potential for disaster. Here I am, conjuring up my own magic and if they dislike it, the blow will be personal.

To the mix of animal footage and official zoo messages, I have added Lucy. Lucy is a regular in our productions - a teenage child of the world, a girl who has seen trouble, but whose open mind and open heart has given her some wisdom.

Lucy is not sentimental about zoo animals. She doesn't give them human emotions or mistake them for being "cute and cuddly." They pull her outside of herself and into the larger world. She doesn't see "exhibits." She experiences wonder.

If our clients dislike her, I'll be crushed. But, memo to self, exposing your soul to a critical world is what being an artist is all about. Right?





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