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Tuesday 5.3.05: Is it spring yet?

Do you ever wake up asking yourself: "Are we headed into winter or out of winter? Are we getting colder or hotter? Is it Spring or Fall?"

Is this one of those momentary disorientations that come with aging? I'm happy to say it doesn't take me too long to come up with the date.

Or, like a zoo-contained python, am I spending way to much time indoors? Someone better in touch with Nature, I say to myself, wouldn't have to ask that question.

On the other hand, maybe it's because springtime in Rochester is an ambiguous thing, like one of those intersexual people who are a little male, a little female, but not quite one or the other. Out our front window, the maple tree has leafed out. Out our back window -- the one behind the computer screen I stare at all day -- the scraggly birch trees and whatever else make up the forest behind them haven't a bud. I can see right through the woods to the sky. If I stand up and crane my neck, I can see a patch of daffodils. But when I go down to the kitchen to get a coffee refill, the thermometer on the back door registers 38 degrees.

Sure, that's May in Rochester. April brings a few nice days that get us excited about putting away the snow shovel. But May begins and we wake up asking ourselves whether it's spring or autumn. In a week or so, we'll have a few days in the eighties and we'll be fooled into thinking summer has arrived, but Memorial Day weekend will arrive with a depressing chill.

Maybe my early morning question is a reminder that I need to get out for a walk, stretch my legs, breathe some unfiltered air, even if I do have to wear a jacket.




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