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Wednesday, 4.27.05:  Getting organized

I live my life according to what I think is a fallacy: "If only I were more organized, I'd be more creative." By creative I mean producing some results, not just feeling artsy.

But I'd like to know this: how much time did Picasso spend in any given week reorganizing his studio? You hear about how much time he spent screwing around with women, but no one ever discusses whether he was neat or messy and what that had to do with his prolific production of art.

So our new television arrives yesterday. Naturally it's wider than the old one so we gave in and bought a new stand. They took the burnt out old TV, but we kept the old stand. Question: where to we put a 27 x 19 TV stand in a house that doesn't have a spare cubic inch of space?

I decided to shoehorn it into my studio for my TV set up there, so I could free up some badly needed bookshelf space.

But first... I would have to get rid of the stupid surround-sound system that came with my computer, including the stupid subwoofer with its 18-inch square footprint. Once, in a similar fit of Getting Organized, I mapped out all the input and outputs for every audio-visual device in my studio. Once I found that map (oddly enough, filed away under "Sound"), I figured out how to attach a set of spare Bose speakers and gleefully dismantled the subwoofer, its 4 speakers, and its miles of cord.

We dragged the old TV stand upstairs and after a couple hours of fussing it now houses the upstairs video system and my work table is more mobile -- pulled away from the wall so that now I can actually get to some of my books. With the shelf space freed of cable box and VCR, I could spread out the double-packed books a little.

So what have I accomplished? Have I awakened this morning creatively refreshed and ready to produce? Hmm... My desktop is still full of distractions. My back aches from bending and lifting. I'm still looking a piles of papers and magazines I don't know what to do with. Maybe if I spend a little time getting organized...


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