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Tuesday, 4.26.05: Zoo Perspective

A writing exercise

Our zoo interview tells us what's "behind the curtain" in trying to turn a small city zoo into a world-class operation -- improving the exhibits, doing conservation outside the zoo grounds, education, etc. Very professional. Flat.

What is the result of all this work? How can I see the zoo through the eyes of a visitor, not an inarticulate child, not a sophisticated philosopher, but a young person on the threshold of life. Lucy.

The zoo is magic - my window to the world. I'm walking along and there I am face to face with a polar bear. She is immense. Ivory fur, black nose, black toe pads. I look into her black eyes. She looks back. She sees me. What is she thinking? She dives and swims away. Would she eat me if she had the chance? I feel a chill. I'm safe, but I'm afraid.

I'm safe. I'm wild. My imagination roams. My world grows larger.

I hear the lemur shriek. Sound of Madagasgar. Sound of the jungle. Don't explain it to me. Let it wash over me. Let it change me. If you are small, you have to be loud.

The python is still, aloof, silent. Digesting everything she sees.

Elephants wear their tough old skin like overcoats. They are restless like me. Could we ever be friends or will be always be strangers?

The eagles spread their wings and I'm in the mountains, soaring.

I'm home but the hot wind of the savannah blows through my hair.

Oh, well enough of that...


In ad-speak a LOVEMARK is way better than a mere "brand" or "trademark" because it has the following characteristics:

Intimacy: very personal

Sensuality: calls upon the fives senses as portals to the emotions

Mystery: tantalizing, leaves you wanting to come back for more



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