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Monday, 4.25.05: Jane Fonda Whining

I've always had a decent amount of respect for Jane Fonda -- great looks, accomplished acting career, entrepreneur, time for political activism, fascinating husbands. But now that I've heard her psychoanalyze herself on every talk show as she hawks her book, I'm saying, "Enough already!"

Maybe her intention is to be an inspiration for other women with difficult families, low self-esteem, bullying husbands, and occasional lapses in good judgment. But gimme a break. By any standard, here is a gorgeous, fabulously successful woman. So much was handed to her -- no way can she turn herself into an Oprah Winfrey, who really did have to claw her way out of poverty and abuse.

I have no doubt that her agonies were genuine, but whining about how mean everybody was to her and how fucked up it made her comes across as narcissism. Maybe her book is funnier than her interviews, which are so, so, so sincere. There was a review by Maureen Dowd in yesterday's NY Times. Dowd quotes long sections of psychobabble and I thought she would surely skewer Fonda. But, yikes, even the snarky Dowd went on to say that all the psychobabble comes from a genuine place because, gee, people really were nasty to her.

Maybe her issues would have been best left to an independent biographer who could have admired her triumph over psychological adversity from a more objective vantage point.

I don't know why I'm so bitchy about this. Maybe because it feels so retro, so Seventies, all that confession. We need strong women on the progressive team, women who don't need to do their psychotherapy in public. Suck it up, Jane.



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