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Saturday, 4.23.05: Week in Review

Saturday. Woke up early to get my weekly auctions posted. At 11, this week's auctions end - ho-hum. No great sales... sawbuck, double sawbucks. After last week I'm getting greedy for the 3-figure bonanzas. Evening: went to a party at the Memorial Art Gallery to celebrate the opening of a joint Russian and American screenprint exhibit. Everyone seemed too old -- I wanted the art gallery to be where the cool people hang out.

Sunday. The usual packing and shipping routine. We went to Maria's for a cookout in celebration of good weather. Way too much to eat. Way too much to drink.

Monday. Had to get psyched up for filmmaking again. Getting out my equipment and relearning how it works. Also spent some time updating in case any of the zoo people got curious about who we are.

Tuesday. Joanne came over in the morning to work on the website I designed for her. Check it out.  We had a good time filming at the zoo in the afternoon, and stopped to celebrate with margaritas on the way home. Holy cow -- the margaritas must have been total tequila -- I got bombed on two small ones. Then Jim and I went out to dinner and I topped off with a glass of wine. I must be in my "entertainment industry mode."

Wednesday. Low point of the day: my upstairs toilet overflowing. What a mess. And it reminds me how I really need to update all the fixtures, including wall tile, floor, etc. Grrrr.

Thursday. We both seems grumpy and uninspired, so after a morning of work we decided to get out somewhere in the afternoon. We wound up going back to the art museum and actually had a better time looking at the exhibits again without the Saturday night crowd.

Friday. It's really been quite a busy week -- plumbing disasters, filmmaking, website design, socializing, corresponding with ebay customers, and inventing tall tales about my ancestors to go with too few facts.

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