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Thursday, 4.21.05: New project

Time to get my head back in filmmaking.

Tuesday, Maria and I went to the zoo. It was a gorgeous false summer day and schools are out, so our little local zoo was packed. I think all the stay-at-home moms were out too because the place was jammed with strollers.

Our mission was to get tape of a prominent zoo board member for the 2-minute video we need to deliver to the Zoo Society next month. It's been so long since I used my fancy video camera that I had to spend an hour relearning all the controls Monday night.

The interview went okay but on tape it looks stiff.

So I'm in the predictable what the hell am I going to do with this mood. Since every video production starts with this despair, I'm not too worried.

What I have to do now is sit in my chair and play with the footage till something emerges. The instructions were vague -- do "a general promo." Recipe for disappointment and rework. I wish the board member had come across as more charismatic, then all I'd have to do is "add pictures."

But sometimes the best people in this world are humble and slightly inarticulate when the cameras are rolling. So why not think of this as a creative exercise. Find the heart. Work it. Build on it. Sell it.

Get to work...



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