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Sunday, 4.17.05: To Every Story There's a Season

I write better when I'm assigned to tell a story. Like the Prom Hell one. It was originally an assignment to write a letter to my younger self back when I was member of a journal club. If I can write tight little pieces maybe I can get more published and maybe I can turn some into radio pieces or even video. I decided I should start with a calendar, just like the editor of the prom story must have. I'll start with the obvious and try to push myself to the unexpected. Everyone has to help me now...


New Year's Eve, New Year's resolutions, MLK birthday


Black history month, Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day, Holy Childhood Day, Mardi Gras


St. Patrick's Day, Joseph Campbell birthday (3/26/1904), skiing, Women's History Month


Easter, April Fools, baseball, National Poetry Month


Proms, Memorial Day, lawn care, Mother's Day, May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Kent State killings, term papers and exams, foster care month, National Bike Month


Graduations, weddings, Flag Day, Father's Day, RFK assassination


Independence Day, summer, swimming, vacations


Dog days, summer movies


Labor Day, back to school, 9/11, F. Scott Fitzgerald (9/24/1896)


Halloween, harvest, conferences


Thanksgiving, Veteran's Day, JFK assassination, elections, National Adoption Awareness


Christmas, Pearl Harbor Day, Joseph Conrad b'day (12/3/1857)

Well, whoop-de-do, nothing very original here. But the media does seem to have this seasonality to it. And today I'm trying to tap into the national group consciousness, flag down the Big Groupthink so I can hitch a ride.



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