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Saturday, 4.16.05: Week in Review

Saturday. Day started off great, with the sale of our Norman Rockwell posters for the price I wanted. Was holding my breath till noon when the last guy put his bid in. A thrill!

Drove to Albany with Ann for a party. It was supposed to be B.O.R.E.D. road trip but at the last minute Karen got sick and Maria's son hadn't gotten over his flu. The occasion was an adult first birthday party for Sally's grandson. He was born with Down's Syndrome and the family was hosting a party-benefit for the hospital that has taken such good care of him through many crises and surgeries this year. So Ann and I represented the group.

Sunday. Oh, it was no fun driving back with a hangover. I remember talking some young man's arm off at the party. He was in the process of divorcing and feeling like a big loser. Wine makes one so wise. Got home to begin Jim's birthday celebration. Jim's daughter Heidi joined us for a while. We tried to go out to dinner but the restaurant was closed.

Happy about another auction result: bought a heavy old Southeast Asian Buddhist manuscript in London about 1981 -- written on dried palm leaves in a mysterious script. I'm happy it will find a more appreciative home. On Thursday my satisfied customer wrote:

Thank you so much for the fast shipping and special care in handling the shipping of the manuscript. It's quite gratifying to see that people do care about the product they sell. I truly enjoy the piece. It's a real treasure. I am an amateur collector of holy scriptures from across all disciplines, especially the hand-written religious manuscripts. According to my searching over the Internet, you're probably right about the year this manuscript was written [18th century]. My finding, yet to be confirmed by a Buddhist scholar, indicates to me that this manuscript is is part of the Dhammapada, which is the most popular in Buddhist Scriptures (Terevada discipline). This Scripture was recorded on Palm leaves in Pali language, which I believe, is what we have here. It has 423 verses, and Pali is the non-academic (as opposed to Sanskrit for the learned ones or the Brahmins) language where the teachings of the Buddha were spread throughout the non-Brahmin class in India and onto Burma, Thailand, Kampuchea and Vietnam. I was surprised as to how large each leaf is. Normally, this kind of leaf was used to document other aspects of life during which paper wasn't available. However, for Buddhist scriptures, it is highly revered and placed at a higher place than that of the statue in a temple. Thank you so much for making this treasure available on eBay for collectors and scholars to acquire. I will certainly check back with your store often!

Early part of the week. Lots of running around. Already wrote about my distractions. Only one auction set up for Saturday.

Thursday Another nose to the grindstone Thursday. Went as far as I could with my website design for Joanne. She needs to think about the content now. Take a look at it here. Not all the elements are working yet on every page.

Then I spent the evening lining some items up for auction.

All week I've been poking at revising a piece for submission to a Prom Hell feature in the local newspaper. I did a few final edits and e-mailed it to the paper before going to bed.

Friday. Buzzed along taking photos and scans and writing descriptions to get more auctions up on Saturday. Always slow work.

Quick, good feedback from the feature editor at the newspaper ("It gave me chills"). Their feature won't run till prom season in May, but I think my piece will be published.

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