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Wednesday, 4.13.05: Distractions

I have a powerful story to tell. I'm sure of it.

It is an important story: mythic and magical.

But what did I do yesterday? I finished a revision of a 4-year-old pieces on Family Outlaws. Wrapped up our Norman Rockwell posters to send to the auction winner. Put away some clothes. Decided to do some marketing of current auctions -- wrote customers who bought similar things to let them know I had something else they might be interested in. Went grocery shopping and mailed the posters. Made fruit salad. Made a lettuce and tomato salad for lunch.

Did some ebay paperwork. Opened and sorted a stack of mail that's been sitting around for a few days. Activated new credit card. Ordered a book from Amazon that Jim was interested in -- used the gift certificate he got from my parents for his birthday.

Got totally involved in a challenge to identify photographs of Keville ancestors. Popped a bowl of popcorn. Got a call from a friend who needed a problem solved on his Excel spreadsheet. Back to my ancestor problem -- not much progress. E-mail: answered a technical question from my new friend Bubba about my web site.

Dinner and the news. 10-minute nap. Phone call from Maria to catch up. Decided no movie tonight so I could come back up here to work.

Sent my thoughts on the Keville photos to Rose. Followed up on some websites Bubba recommended the other day -- interesting reading about the structure of myths and how epics old and new are all related. Sent him my thoughts.

Got back to work on the little website I'm doing for my friend Joanne, frustrated that my colors weren't turning out right. Quick dash around the Photoshop website didn't help much.

10 P.M. Where did the day go?



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