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Saturday, 4.9.05: Week in Review

The week alternated between listless and ambitious. Or maybe my energy pulses rather than flows. High-low-high-low.

Sunday, I was moving fast. I spend a good chunk of the day packing my Saturday ebay sales. I alternated between that (in my "shipping department" on the ground floor) and burning DVDs to finish my video project with the NTID Theater Department (in the "creative suite" on the second floor).

I like getting up at six to get in some solid hours of work before I head out for my yoga or Pilates class around 9:30, but I've been slipping. Monday I decided to get back on schedule and did a good deal of work outlining my Maddie & Stella film project. Went for my workout. And then went brain dead.

I got a wonderful excuse to procrastinate on my various projects because a guy I used to work with at Green Valley found the GVS mailing list and wondered who was around to join some storytelling about the good (?) old days. Bubba. Wow, I hadn't thought about him for years. I answered his call. We enjoyed some great correspondence back and forth and appeared to have had very different experiences of the same place. Hence, the journal entries on Green Valley this week.

Then my genealogist cousin Rose came back from vacation and I could procrastinate some more by exchanging verbose theories on the Keville-Flanagan clan.

Wednesday I forced myself to turn those Sunday DVDs into the required tapes to finish to project for NTID. It is not hard work, but copying 5 6-minute DVDs (with really obnoxious music not of my choosing) 5 times each on 30 minutes tapes always makes me want to launch myself out the window. But I got it done.

Thursday I met with my friend Joanne to help her organize a web site for her new business. Fun. But I came home to face the fact that I had no auctions ready to launch on Saturday. Poop. I needed to quit procrastinating and get something listed. No movie tonight. Nose to the grindstone.

Friday night we went to the 2nd Annual Animation Show at the Eastman House. The best of short animation worldwide. Awesome.

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