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Moses Flanagan, Pat Keville (before repair)Saturday, 4.2.05: Week in Review

Back from St. Louis, raring to go on an number of projects. Got stuck on setting up my iPod.

I also wanted to "download" the info I brought back from St. Louis on various ancestors. Since Jim purchased an antique African reliquary used in the practice of ancestor worship, he now refers to my own genealogy activities as "ancestor worship." In a very 21st century American kind of way, maybe it is.

Moses Flanagan, Patrick KevilleI revised several Family History pages, most extensively the one about my grandmother's siblings. And then I added the pages on their would-be "rescuers."

I also started in on "repairing" the scans I made of old family pictures. Spent the most time repairing tears and adjusting the tones in a great snapshot of my great-grandfather Moses and great uncle Pat. I like it because they look so Irish -- the dandy and the laborer -- and because the camera angle makes them look larger than life. I've included here the BEFORE and AFTER. I still have some things to learn, but the outcome wasn't too bad.

Back to ebay. Enough of ancestor worship. I had only one auction ready to go for my 4/2/05 set. Jim's mom had saved 2 sets of Norman Rockwell posters on the Four Freedoms, used to sell War Bonds during World War II. I spent a morning updating my research, taking photos, and getting one set listed. I know they are worth a lot, but will the right buyer be passing through?

Once I got that done I sort of ran out of steam. Added a few postcards and cookbooks to the strore, but only looked listlessly at our stacks of things needed to be sold. Much more fun adding songs to my iPod.

Maybe I have a touch of spring fever. We actually had some warm sunny days that enticed me out for walks. Only the most stubborn of dirty snow piles remain. But it is rainy and cold this morning -- some new snow predicted -- so I won't have spring fever as an excuse this weekend.

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