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Sunday, 3.20.05: Pull the Tube!

I'm letting you all know now: If I ever have the misfortune to wind up like that Schiavo woman, please let me go. Do not torture me by pretending I'm your little infant to be entertained and "stimulated." Been there, done that.

If you believe in God, then send me to heaven where I can have some fun. If you're a New Age type, then allow my spirit to be recycled into a newborn. Get in touch with me through your local spiritualist. If you are an atheist, then release my molecules and my energy back to the universe where they can do some good.

Whatever monumental resources are sustaining my unsatisfactory existence, please redirect them to vaccinate poor children or give prenatal care to pregnant women.

And if any member of Congress threatens to pass a law to "save me," tell him to come back after the President has put his signature on national health care legislation. Congress is incompetent enough without meddling in my personal misery.

Honor this and I will promise not to pass judgment on what other individuals or families chose.



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