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Saturday, 3.19.05: Week in Review

Video. Did the bulk of my annual class tapes for the Theater program at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. Laid out all 6 tapes - fiddled with my DVD software till I got it to make a "continuous play" disk. Had to jump through technological hoops again to make a VHS tape from the DVD. The DVD-VHS deck attached to my television is supposed to make VHS copies from a DVD -- just "press a button." Nothing is ever that simple -- I kept losing the first 30 seconds. So I wound up attaching my portable DVD player and recording the production 5 times to a 30-minute tape. One down, 5 more to go.

Taxes. As long as I was waiting for the various experiments above to record, might as well do my taxes. Got those done and conferred with my CEO (Jim). On Tuesday afternoon we stopped by the tax guy's place and handed it all over.

Auctions. Eight auctions ended last Saturday but I was underwhelmed with the results - I guess they were all small items, but I did have a nice firefighter photo that sold for only half of what I paid for it 20 years ago. Win some and lose some, I guess. I didn't put up any more auctions because we are going away next week. But I did post the rest of my brother's postcards in our ebay store at fixed prices.

Ancestry. I'm really sucked into this. The more I find things, the more addicting it becomes. It's great that my mother can still provide some first-hand color commentary, corrections, and clues to old events. We've also been corresponding with Rose Park, a distant cousin we met on the internet, who is has been at this work for quite a while. She is encouraging us to try to do something creative with the Flanagan family story. It has the full range of Irish-American melodrama.

Maddie & Stella project. I am poking away at generating the mysterious correspondence between these two.

Social. Last Sunday Maria and I went to a friend house for one of those sales parties -- "essential oils." It turned out to be less about socializing and more of a by-the-script sales demo of some extremely expensive little vials of oil. On Thursday, I caught up with some old work pals at a going away party for Katrina, who has decided to stop paying out her whole salary for child care. It was St. Patrick's Day, but (since Katrina is a Mormon and doesn't drink anyway) we avoided the madness and met at a Mexican restaurant.

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The Dancer Upstairs (2002). Outstanding thriller about a good man fighting terrorism in a Latin American country, directed by John Malkovich. (Good one to have the captioning on for, since they all speak with Spanish accents.)

Pi: Faith in Chaos (1998). A jittery black & white indie. Good but strange -- about obsession, pros & cons.

Word Wars (2004). Documentary about Scrabble tournaments -- these guys are in a whole different league. Talk about obsession...

Amelie (2001). French movie of the quirky, charming variety. Cinematography was a interesting as the plot.


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