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Sunday, 2.27.05: A Creative Groove... or Insanity?

Boring for you. Fascinating for me. The birth of an idea. My work as curator of the Price & Zimmer Collection + the outsider photography show + digging out my Nick Bantock books has yielded what might be a new frame for my abandoned screenplay about the crashing end of Maddie's career as a systems reformer.

Forget about straight narrative with actors. Take my hodgepodge of bad cartoons and mock powerpoint presentations, combine them with the P&Z treasure trove of well-aged postal paraphernalia, and turn them into Maddie's correspondence from ... where?

Visual story first. If it hangs together, animate the elements into video. Add voiceover and music.

After her "fall," Maddie disappears. Her friend Stella is frantic. What happened? Maddie sends a "don't worry" postcard with an address at one of those mysterious forwarding services. She demands that Maddie tell her what really went on during those last days at Pandora Youth Services.

Maddie tells her story on postcards and other available paper, favoring pictures now rather than her customary words, words, words. She has abandoned the machine -- no e-mail, no slick businesslike software, just her colored pens and her gluestick. She is an expatriate, wandering (it appears) around the globe.

Or... is she writing from the back ward of an institution????



Nick Bantock wrote the Griffin & Sabine series about a strange correspondence between a London graphic designer and a South Pacific postage stamp artist. My current inspiration comes from his book Urgent Second Class: Creating Curious Collage, Dubious Documents, and Other Art from Ephemera. He's become sort of an industry, but I love his work anyway.


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