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Saturday, 2.26.05: Week in Review

Sat-Sun. I am suddenly and surprisingly absorbed in learning about World War I, trying to see it through the eyes of my grandfather. But trying to capture the experience in writing proves to be a challenge

Monday. A luncheon "wine and whine" with Sally on her day off.

Made the mistake of looking in another stored box, marked "1940s" and two new projects emerged. (When will I learn?) First, a moldering old photo album with pictures and news clippings about Highland Hospital, here in Rochester. It really needs to be given to the hospital for its historical archives, but I decided I'd first remove everything from the deteriorating black paper and put it on archival card stock.

Tuesday. Bought the supplies for above project, but my enthusiasm waned. The rest of our "1940s" box is filled with a photo collection attributed by someone named Paul Wall. All are neatly labeled, mounted on 11 x 14 cards, and slipped into flat brown bags. All the photos were taken 1939-1941 and are on various buildings and "tourist views." Some are dull; others are striking. But who is Paul Wall? Even the internet offers no clues. (Follow-up)

Wednesday. I thought a quick project would be to transfer the Paul Wall photos from their opaque brown bags to clear, archival slip covers. Another case of "loaves & fishes" -- two hours after I started, the stack in the box seemed just as deep.

I spent another couple hours with the photos this evening while watching the finale of "Project Runway." (How did I get hooked on a Reality show??) There are still several inches of photos in the box.

 Getting itchy to do something more creative so I paid a visit to Barnes and Noble and treated myself to some inspirational books.

Thursday. First return on a sale. I was so excited to get $333 on a sales kits for 1953 Hudsons, but my buyer was disappointed in the quality of the stereo slides and asked to return it. Bummer. But cheerfully allowing customer returns is a must for this business. But then I got my first Negative Feedback on my ebay "permanent record." GRRRrrr. I bought one thing this year on ebay -- a $25 book. I paid for it over a month ago. No book, no answer to my e-mails, so I gave him a Negative. I still don't hear from him directly, but suddenly he retaliates by giving me a Negative, saying I'm unfair and he didn't get my e-mails. What b.s.

Friday. The guy who gave me a Negative is trying to strong-arm me into removing the Negative I gave him. He opened a case against me with the ebay mediation service. What an asshole --someone who belongs to the customer-is-always-wrong school of thought. He even admitted to the online mediator that my e-mails to him were caught in his spam folder. Is this the I Can't Be Accountable Because I'm An Idiot defense? Nothing like a tempest in a teapot to get my blood boiling.

Positive: Fiddling around and unexpectedly came up with an elusive piece of ancestor data -- the information about my grandmother's passage to America from Ireland. Blew me away.

Had Maria and Scott over. Treated them to sandwiches from Panera's, which just opened across the street. Better than cooking!

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Forsyte Saga conclusion.

Pecker (1998). Another John Waters movie. Pokes fun at the divide between "real" people and art snobs. So-so.

Battle of Algiers (1965). Wow. Wonderful moving capturing the frustration of the French in dealing with the Algerian insurgency in the 1950s. Many lessons for today's Iraq.


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