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Saturday, 2.19.05: Week in Review

Saturday. My yard-long postcards of Duluth, Minnesota sold for $91. Yippee!

Sunday. I was holding my breath about Tom's aviation Christmas card -- the one I spent so much time researching last Saturday night. It looked dead at a buck thirty. Early this morning it was $5. Then with minutes to go it zoomed to $52! Minus about $6 in expenses, that's still pretty good. I put up 10 auctions of his stuff and predicted "best case scenario" -- the jackpot on these items -- would be $45. We made it!

Didn't go out of the house all day. The sun was shining and it made me feel guilty, but I was enjoying scurrying around inside. Rearranged one of Jim's fat binders of postcards -- replaced the bad plastic holders with "archival" ones and moved some to a new binder to give them all a little breathing space.

Opened another "mystery" box I'd been trying to ignore -- another "sell" box on a shelf in the garage.

Monday. Valentine's Day. I am exploring "pandora's box" -- trying to decide which to auction first: the Mickey Mouse viewmaster or the 1870 vanity set. There is a photo portrait Jim assumes is a fire fighter. I challenge him -- how do you know? Then we spend too much time bickering over the guy's insignia -- a Maltese cross-- and too much time searching the internet and our books for pictures of a 19th-century fireman in his dress uniform. The bits of evidence mount and I finally concede Jim's instinct was right.

Tuesday. Still sorting through stuff that needs to be put back on the shelves in the bedroom. Went out to buy some protective plastic slip covers for items that need to be preserved. Couple hour over at Maria's providing what we call "mentoring" (known in other circles as "wine & whine") from the eye of her hurricane.

Thursday. Research question of the morning: When was Bud Light first produced (back when it was called Budweiser Light)? I have a silly little bar lamp that I think was once meant as a present for someone in my family. Budweiser Light, get it? Answer: 1982. Dinner w Ann. Another public radio station licensed the radio version of "The Valentine 1955" -- WCFM at Williams College, Massachusetts.

Friday. I decided that I've put up enough auctions for one week and decided to do a little more "curator" work in my sunny bedroom -- i.e., putting some photos into archival sleeves and boxes for better protection and neater storage. I was sorting through a stack of World War I photos and started wondering about my grandfather. My family history folder has a notation about his Division. Jim has a couple of government-issue reference books. What can I find out? What if in all these old photos of WWI there was a photo of him and I missed it?

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