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Saturday, 2.5.05: Week in Review

Saturday.  Put up some junk for auction. For junk-box items, I'm trying to live up to a philosophy of "Pitch it to buyers or pitch it out" (as opposed to my general habit of looking at it, scratching my head, and putting it away, over and over and over again). Stopped by Maria's for a quick happy hour to catch up on business and gossip.

Sunday. Didn't step foot out of the house. Auction madness. Five auctions ended. Put up an auction for a visually complex calligraphy piece that required lots of scanning and Photoshop work. Straightened up my office. Glued my fingers to the keyboard for a couple hours getting up another batch of postcards -- Nebraska, New Jersey, New York -- a process that gives me repetitive stress syndrome in my neck and shoulders. Sorted through the rest of my St. Louis stereo views to decide which ones to sell and which ones to keep.

Monday - Friday. Oh what's the point of doing a day-by-day review when I've been posting my mental landscapes all week? I've done a bit of tending to the business side of our shop: I'm trying to make a list of all my customers so far in 2005, with what their interests are. Our stock is so varied that I'm not sure we will ever rely much on repeat business. But already I've emailed a few customers, based on their past purchases, that I am offering something else they might like. On at least a couple of occasions it has resulted in more bids.

Friday. Change of pace -- to the George Eastman House for a members opening. Photos from "Law & Order" and a very interesting show of "outsider" photography, which sparked my interest. More on that later...

It's Black History Month and I was excited that "The Valentine 1955" radio version was picked up for broadcast by a public radio station in Dayton Ohio. And then someone on the Public Radio Exchange site wrote this review:

Very powerful and the skillful, understated use of music and sound magnifies the impact. PDs [program directors], I'm having a hard time hearing how this piece might fit into you program stream, but if you can manage that feat, you've got a driveway moment -- albeit a disquieting one.

In case you're not a familiar with public radio lingo, a "driveway moment" occurs when you are listening to something on your radio, arrive home, and sit in your driveway with the motor running till the piece is over. Very high compliment.

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Camera Buff (1979). Another great movie by our favorite Polish director/writer Krzysztof Kieslowski. Man buys a video camera and his company has him doing publicity videos, but his preference for art over propaganda gets him in hot water.

Forsyte Saga (2002). We've started the PBS mini-series.


The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers (1940). Beautiful, sad character study of people in small-town South during the Great Depression. A classic that I thank Oprah for recommending.


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