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Saturday, 1.29.05: Week in Review

Saturday.  Recovering from the margarita party. Snowstorm coming. Went to do some grocery shopping but it was a madhouse of people stocking up on provisions. I turned around and went home.

Click to enlarge.Sunday - Tuesday. Quiet shopkeeping - adventures in my mind, covered pretty well in other entries this week. Writing and posting descriptions of picture postcards - I go, go, go till I get bleary-eyed and start screwing up. Then I put them aside till the next day.

Wednesday. My letter appeared in the newspaper. We celebrated by going for dinner at a new little Japanese restaurant on Park Ave, in the city. Crazy to go to that neighborhood in this weather -- you have to park among the snow drifts. But the food was delicious.

Thursday. We took a trip to our Financial Advisor to review our investments. She has us so diversified I feel like a own a bit of everything.

Friday. I was running around getting sold items off to their new owners. My guy in France was really uptight about his photo so wanted it sent Global Express - nearly as expensive as the item itself.

Jim paid the consequences for the piles of snow on city curbs when he had a fender bender this morning. He was running around doing the insurance business, then, and managed to lock his keys in the car. Not his day.

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Bladerunner (1982). Harrison Ford fun.

Independent's Day (1998). Documentary about Sundance Film Festival. A little discouraging to see the aggressiveness required to become visible there.

The American Nightmare (2000). Documentary about the guys who made gory horror movies in the 1970s - John Carpenter, Wes Craven ,etc. They talked about the cultural context of their movies, like Vietnam. It gave me chills. These are serious guys.

Habit (1997). Another chilling movie, not a documentary. Is our hero having an encounter with a vampire or just going crazy?


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