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Saturday, 1.22.05: Week in Review

Saturday.  Running around like a crazy woman organizing paid-up merchandise for mailing. One of my problems is that (as our President would say) I have "misunderestimated" the postage for mailing photographs internationally. They weigh less than a pound but when I've packed them up to my satisfaction, they weigh about 2 lbs. My profit dribbles away...

Sunday. Offering some tiny souvenir photo albums saved by Hannah H. Sisbee. I got all excited because one of the albums didn't contain photos but printed drawing. I researched and researched and discovered the artist was known for his "aquatints" - a kind of copper plate etching. Some print dealers had fat price tags on his work. Who knows what I might get for it. Broke down and got a proper URL for our ebay store:

Monday. Our stupid microscope didn't sell again.

Tuesday. Way too much time staring into old lithographs. Finally sold the microscope. We had put a reserve on it of $250 (after trying to sell it at $800 and at $500). The top bid was $227. Our choices were to try auctioning it again, put it in our ebay store for the price we want & hope someone comes along, or stick it in the back of the closet again. I'm refusing to let things back into their closet hiding places so I used ebay's "second chance offer" process and offered it to the high bidder for $227. He bought it. Hooray!!

Wed- Thurs. I am researching and reviewing my ebay sales methods. My things are selling but too often have only one bidder. I'm learning there is a strategy: if you are too cautious and set a high starting price and/or add a reserve, it puts off potential bidders. You are supposed to be bold enough to "go naked" without a reserve and start every auction at $1. This is supposed to attract lots of bidders who then begin to compete with one another. I need to test this out with a few things I wouldn't mind losing for $1.

Friday. Margarita party! We've been way overdue for a girls-only bash. Over the years cosmopolitans have replaced margaritas. (Oh, the hangovers.) The crowd has diminished to the essential few loudmouths and mischief-makers. I judged a "how fast can you get your bra off without removing your shirt" contest. Then, in the -3-degree temperature, 5 of us took our drinks to the hot tub outdoors, walking across 6 feet of snow in bare feet, wearing hats to keep our hair from freezing. As good as it gets... (expanded version)

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Clockwatchers (1997) A Toni Colette movie about the fleeting joys and enduring agony of being a temp worker. Interesting study of underachievers and relationships among women.

Monster (2003) Excellent effort to explore the heart of Aileen Wuornos, the Florida highway prostitute who wound up a serial killer.

Aileen: Life & Death of a Serial Killer (2003) The documentary - interviews with Aileen. A terrible reminder that monsters are made in childhood.


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