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Thursday, 1.13.05: Down the tubes

I think my lack of interest in writing is that I am generally disgusted with everything. Before the election I could always reel off an easy rant on a political topic. But I look around now and think: What's the point? I've simply been drowned by all the bullshit coming out of Washington.

We are being sold a bill of goods on tort reform, which you can be sure will only benefit the big insurance companies, just like the so-called Medicare drug benefit will only benefit the big drug companies. We are being force-fed a false crisis in Social Security by rich people who still can't get over Franklin Roosevelt. Jackpot time for stock brokers and investment bankers.

As if government couldn't get any less caring of We the People, now they are hiring a torture-monger as Attorney General in the name of political correctness (but he's Latino!) And a like-minded policy wizard is being hired for Homeland Security chief (at least he doesn't have a love nest!).

Now the Supreme Court is in disarray.

And on any given day, do we even remember the ugly incompetent war in Iraq?

What will future generations think of us? In 50 or a hundred years they will be looking back on dark days -- our turn toward fascism, the collapse of good government, the rise of the "belief" society with a President who thinks he's Jesus and a legislature full of weak-willed disciples who have swallowed the idea that morality means "staying on message."

Ugh. The tsunami is the perfect metaphor for the age. Where's the ark?



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