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Saturday, 1.8.05: Week in Review

Saturday.  Continuing Benadryl for my strange case of hives. Plugged away at my ebay work till I actually got some auctions up and my store stocked with a small number of postcards.

Sunday. Continued my ebay postings. Worked on this week's soup and the water alarm went off downstairs in the utility room. When the secondary drain backs up, water overflows from a standpipe. We keep a bucket under it, with a little water alarm dangling into it. We have had some disasters before, but this time the bucket didn't overflow. We cleared everything out of harm's way and got the shop vac plugged in. Disaster preparedness.

Monday. The rooter guy came, pulled out a clot of lint and told us to get a lint catcher for the washing machine -- disaster avoided. Annual mammogram today -- all clear.

Wednesday. The B.O.R.E.D. met again for the first time since September. We drank wine, stuffed our faces, and blabbed on about the usual topics. After the other 3 had gone, Maria and I got into her hot tub. It was snowing and my hair froze, but fun.

Thursday. I took my leftovers from last night and incorporated what I could into the week's soup. My kitchen work was going along merrily till the water alarm went off downstairs -- again! The rooter guy returned and apparently had missed the big grease clog. Hmpf.

All week. I've been treating my ebay work like an official job. Just do it! The work feels sort of menial and yet it keeps me absorbed and fascinated. It has also kept my mind off my annoying combination of hives and hot flashes. The hives (which only pop out when I scratch my itches) seem to be subsiding, but the hot tub didn't help. I'm hoping the hot flashes & night sweats are just a hormone-withdrawal phenomenon. Unfortunately, I'm beginning to think that wine contributes to the problem, so I might have to clean up my act.

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