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Saturday, 1.1.05: Three Weeks in Review

Saturday (12.11).  We decided to head for St. Louis earlier than planned to have a longer Christmas with the family. We spent the evening over at Maria's -- blabbing about Italy, then taking a road trip to see the suburban Christmas lights.

Sunday. I should be scurrying around on an accelerated Christmas preparation schedule, but one shopping excursion assailed me with Christmas music, irritable shoppers, and insane drivers. Fuhgedaboudit! Decided my Christmas project would be making chocolate chip cookies.

Mon-Tue.  Getting ready to travel again

Wed-Thu. Drive from Rochester to St. Louis. Thankfully uneventful weather. Only complaint: winter sunglare.

Thu (12.16) - Sun (12.26). St. Louis: a holly jolly Christmas. I wrote a pair of limericks to reflect the situation:

- 1 -
There was an old coot name of Walter
Who said, "When me feet start to falter,
I have a good life
I just call my wife.
I think she's my Rock of Gibralter."

- 2 -
"My Rock has the name of Kathleen
She's great, if you know what I mean.
When I have to pee
She dances with glee -
I call her my red bucket queen."

For a few days, I was anointed the "red bucket princess." Do not visualize.

Sun-Mon. Drive back to Rochester

Monday. Made minestrone as an antidote to an excess of Christmas cookies and pinot grigio.

Tuesday. Back to the gym. Picked up Herman from the vet's boarding house. She is anxious and needy -- probably too much time away from home. Reviewed material in preparation for the video we are making for the zoo. Started organizing some things for auction. Spent way too long going through old financial papers because our financial advisor needed the cost basis for some of my mutual funds. This hourslong project left me a bit better organized.

Wed-Fri. Organizing for auctions. I wound up opening an ebay store, but am fretting over my sales strategy. You could say it is even making me itchy. I developed a strange case of hives: general itchiness; then, where I scratch or rub, hives pop out then fade away. Taking Benadryl and trying to figure out what I'm reacting to.

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Decalogue, (1989) Parts 8, 9 & 10. Stories covering "bearing false witness," "coveting thy neighbor's wife," and "coveting thy neighbor's ."

De-Lovely. (2004) Didn't think it could measure up to the romanticized "Cole Porter Story" but realism has its own poignant charm.

Smiley's People. (1982) The PBS mini-series classic based on the LeCarre novel.


Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

DaVinci Code by Dan Brown

These were great, absorbing reads no matter what the literary snobs and historians have to say.


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