Mad In Pursuit Notebook









DOT AND DASH emerged from my pen in January 2011, as I doodled about epiphanies and tried to understand Joseph Campbell's CREATIVE MYTHOLOGY [Masks of God Series]. About that time I was also struggling with the last chapters of my book TRIBE OF THE BREAKAWAY BEADS. In other words, I was in deep exploration mode.

The long winter wore on. Joseph Campbell was telling me to reject the village dogma, enter the forest at the darkest part and trust my own experience. After a vacation in Florida, I was ready to combine a life-long cartoonist ambition with some of my new thoughts. DOT AND DASH started their journey.

I decided to keep the strip black and white -- to make it as prettily hand-drawn as I could, without the added burden of color.

When I decided to bite the bullet and create illustrations for TRIBE OF THE BREAKAWAY BEADS, I recruited Dash and gave her a wardrobe. See her here>>>