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Ewald Curran, Portrait of a Guardian Angel

Ewald and me, maybe 1950, Castlewood, Mo.



Happy Birthday, Ewald (1904-1988).

Ewald was our third grandfather and the only father my mother knew. He was a kind, watchful man, the tenth of 12 children. We all have tales of him snatching us out of harm’s way or helping us get out of trouble. He was the one you called when you couldn’t call your parents, the one who always knew what to do, even if he called you a knucklehead.

Funny that I would have these three photos that show him in “guardian angel” poses.

The first two are with my mother. In 1926, my mother’s father died and Ewald was a 22-year-old clerk in her parents’ grocery store. He loved baby Kathleen. The widow Kitty Mom (her mother) had no choice but to plop the baby behind the cracker barrels to play while she ran the store. Ewald really worried about this and finally convinced his own mother to provide day care for his little sweetheart.

Ten years later, after he had gone on to work in the printing business, Kitty Mom and Ewald got married. My mother was thrilled.

The third picture is with me, out at Castlewood, probably about 1950.

(Side note: amazing how my mom and I have the same grumpy expressions. I guess Ewald was also trying to jolly us into a smile.)


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