Web Page Design Services

Bring your ambitions to life. Reveal the contribution you have to make to the world. Create your brand.
Partnering with Susan Price at Cosmopolitan Productions means attentive, personalized service -- a reliable partner in your new venture.
A range of options are available:
  • Complete site design from planning through publication
  • Update or redesign a site that's already up and running
  • Single page design
  • Template design
  • Web graphics only


Web page tour - ponder the possibilities

These are some pages I've created. If you look at them carefully they can help you decide on features you'd like on your own pages. Pinpointing features you don't like can be just as valuable in developing a page that speaks for you.

Mad In Pursuit Home Page. I like the squares lined up on this page, where wordy explanations have been reduced to icons. The mouse rollovers are intended to be subtle. The airplane is a recent addition. I like the idea of a little animation, but not something that constantly flashes or jumps around. Something that makes you go "Oh!," like a shooting star.

A Google search engine adds value and the search results page can be tailored to your site design.

Cosmopolitan Productions Home Page. This is in the process of change as we add new services. You can see I'm still in love with squares as link buttons. Big squares, so far without mouse rollovers. It's more common to see compact rectangles (maybe half as high as they are wide) or much smaller squares.

These squares combine design with type so that additional text labels aren't needed.

Intrinsic Wisdom Home Page. The link buttons on this page have mouse rollovers that make them glow. They each feature the same logo differentiated by color rather than design -- except for Joanne's picture, which links to her bio.

The colors were carefully chosen for their symbolism.

Scroll down to note how the background image stays fixed while the text moves, giving a sense of depth and texture.

Redesigning Home Page. This is a portal for tutorials and learning guides, so it's deliberately dense to avoid having to make multiple clicks to get where you want to go.

The two-column structure improves readability and gets more into the view. The narrower the column, the less eye strain.

Again, the airplane adds a dash of interest without being annoying.

Bio Page. My original web bio was two pages of fine print -- a fascinating story but, really, who's that interested? For the latest version, I created a photomontage with a minimum of text.

A photomontage can contain a variety of elements meaningful to your or to your audience.

Interactive Photo Gallery. Click on the thumbnail photo and it appears on the "main stage." Useful and fun. [no longer available online]

This page was designed to assist with sales of 1940s photographs and are linked to an ebay store.

The photos were scanned and brightened for web viewing, then grouped into several galleries.

Interactive Memory Map. Since Google Maps got started, memory maps have become popular -- find a place you loved and annotate it. This page shows an example. Roll your cursor over the boxes and a label pops up. The idea is to keep the place markings subtle so you can see the map, but then to have the labels pop out when you mouseover -- having it both ways.

There are other ways of using interactive images like this -- for example, names and birthdays on a group photo.

Babes In Boyland Content Page. Pages that require dense content can be livened up with pull-quotes, images and background texture.

The "Babes In Boyland" series is popular so it pays to add advertising. You need to decide if this is an eyesore and a distraction or if it makes the page more useful.



Digital photography; preparation of photos for web use, including cropping, brightening, colorizing, retouching, and restoration; photomontage and image compositing

Animations: animated GIFS (see Redesigning logo); simple Flash animations (sample).

Video clips prepared for web viewing. (Sample)

Audio clips or programs prepared for web listening. (Sample)

Illustration: simple drawing and cartoons; preparation of hand-drawn material for web display. (Sample)

Writing: strong skills in organizing and editing, narrative or bullet points

Coaching in Microsoft Frontpage and other site maintenance skills.

Site and page maintenance are part of the package till the site or page is operational. Long-term maintenance agreements can be tailored to your level of need.

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