mad in pursuit artist's adventure

Influences: A very personal selection

Cycle of Life & Adventure from Various Traditions

Joseph Campbell, Hero With A Thousand Faces (1949). (Link) This analysis of world mythologies develops the theory of the hero's adventure. Linked to Jungian psychology.

Robert Thurman


Readings about chakras, a way of thinking about the body's energy centers originating in India and used in various spiritual and healing traditions.

Chakra videos from YouTube:


Learning Cycle

George Pólya, How To Solve It (1944). Source of the "learning cycle": Understand, Plan, Do, Reflect.

Meditation and Night Journeys

David Lynch, Catching the Big Fish

Muses and Spirit Guides

Lewis Hyde, The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World. Source of ideas about the muse, which he refers to as the daemon or genius.

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Aren't we always the hero of our own drama?